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Map starting point
Speyside forest, Limehouse Conservation Area, and the Hole in the Wall Hike location
Glendon Forest and Crother's Woods hike along the Don Valley in Toronto Hike location
Hamilton/Ancaster Hights Area-3 Waterfalls Hike location
Grindstone Creek, Waterdown Falls and Smokey Hollow Hike location
Tews Falls and Webster's Falls Hike location
Nottawasaga Bluffs (Keyhole Side Trail, Best Caves and Freedom Rock) Hike location
Petun Side Trail near Collingwood Hike location
Mono Cliffs Provincial Park Hike location
Niagara Glen Nature Reserve and the Southern Terminus Hike location
Caledon Trailway (biking) Hike location
Hilton Falls Conservation Area Hike location
Sherwood Park, downtown Toronto Sherwood Park, downtown Toronto
Other's Hikes
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REFERENCES: Besides the above web pages I have made reference to the following books:

  1. The 1998 Bruce Trail Reference - Edition 20 - Trail Guide and Maps
  2. Country Walks: The Niagara Escarpment by Ross McLean, Anne Craik, and John Sherk, 1994

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